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You Dream it, I’ll Create it

Looking for that perfect accent for your bed? Or maybe you’re looking for that unique wall decoration to accent one of your rooms. A custom designed quilt could be just the décor to add that desired finishing touch.

Nancy has been making custom bed quilts and quilted wall hangings for over 20 years. If there is a design that has caught your eye but not the right colors, she’ll help you select the fabric colors you desire. Or send color swatches of the main desired colors and she’ll pick the fabrics to match. With 20+ years of experience helping quilters pick fabrics for their quilts, Nancy can usually find just the right fabrics to produce the desired finished product.

Maybe you need the quilt or wall hanging a special size. With a background in computerized drafting, Nancy uses her computer aided drafting (CAD) program to change the pattern to the desired size. Or if a custom quilt pattern is desired, she can use her CAD program to create it. If you like certain features from different patterns, Nancy can use her CAD program to combine those features into the quilt pattern of your choice.

On this page are images of some of the custom quilts and wall hangings Nancy has made. The patterns for these quilts only reside in Nancy’s CAD program. Any of these quilts can be recreated – either in the same colors or you can specify different colors. This is Nancy’s passion, creating just the right quilt that meets or exceeds her customers’ expectations.

Here’s how to get started on your custom quilt. Contact Nancy below and she’ll start a communication with you where your desires will be discussed. Once that is determined, a non-refundable deposit will be required to cover cost of materials and design time. The amount of this deposit will be determined by the size of the quilt and detail involved to create the custom quilt.

Custom quilts take time to design, select fabric for, and create. If a custom design is requested, no work on the quilt will commence until the customer has approved the design. From the time of initial contact to a delivered finished product, it could take any where from a month to 12 months. You will be given an estimated completion date at the time the deposit is made. Payment in full will be required before delivering your custom quilt.

Custom Quilt Examples (by Customer Request)

Accent your home with a unique custom designed and custom created quilt