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The Magic of Long Arm Quilting

Many quilters love to select patterns and fabric and create the quilt top. But quilting it with a backing and batting can be very stressful. Quilting larger quilt on your regular sewing machine is very time consuming and can be frustrating. Consequently, most quilters search out someone with a long arm quilting machine to quilt their quilt tops with the batting and backing.

Nancy started long arm quilting over 15 years ago. After quilting 4 extra large queen quilts on her 7” throat sewing machine, Nancy discovered the wonders of long arm quilting. At first she quilted her own quilts but soon realized there was a big calling to do long arm quilting for others.

Many long arm quilters do a tightly stitched design when quilting. Nancy believes this makes the quilt very stiff and feels it then becomes about the quilting rather than the piecing. Because the quilter piecing the quilt top has a lot more time involved, Nancy’s concept is to select a quilting design which accents your quilt top yet has more open stitching so your finished quilt is soft and pliable.

Although Nancy mostly does Edge to Edge quilting (one design repeated both horizontally and vertically from a quilting pattern), she has also done some Custom quilting. Custom quilting is very time consuming and therefore is more costly. Most quilters want their quilt tops quilted with a nice design accenting their piecing. Therefore, Nancy has focused more on Edge to Edge quilting.

Nancy has over 100 quilting designs to choose from with access to download hundreds more. She has floral designs, novelty designs, geometric design, holiday designs, and many more. These quilting designs are downloaded in CAD format so Nancy can get them nearly instantly. And because they’re in CAD format, she can scale the design so it will be an appropriate size for your quilt top. You can select or suggest what design you’d like or let Nancy read your quilt top and choose what she thinks will look best. Most of Nancy’s customers let her choose the quilting design.

To have Nancy long arm quilt your quilt top, simply contact her to make arrangement to either ship or deliver it to her. A $50 deposit is required for Nancy to start quilting your quilt top. Nancy tries to complete quilting your quilt top in 1-2 months.